Ingenium, training is one click away ! h3>
With Ingenium, training is as simple as a click of a mouse:

  • You learn at your own pace and where you want (in the company, at home, in a public resource center PAT, EPN); li>

  • You are not alone with your screen to learn. You have access to a tutor that you can meet by appointment*, chat*, phone *, forum or videoconferencing ; li>

  • You optimize your learning time and you limit the cost of training (no travel or lodging); li>

  • There are formations of quality due to the expertise of our authors, thanks to the quality of our member institutions and thanks to the experience gained by Ingenium teaching for 10 years in the field of engineering training; li>

  • You increase your training effort at a lower cost; li>

  • Each course is designed with the media varied and complementary to allow you to better assimilate the training and test your learning effectively; li>

* For accompaniment by appointment, by phone or chat things over with Ingénium to determine the best proposal that match your expectations. em>

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